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Wk 8/8 Prop Design Class: Presentation

This is mostly about how to bundle up finished designs for portfolio and presentation purposes. The design process I've presented for this 8 week lecture series would seem linear, but often it is not. Professionals need to move quickly, and with their seasoned experience, are expected to jump in and out of any phase of design depending on any studios given needs at any time. Even at the level of personal passion projects I feel this has been true as well. At the end of the day, here are the parts for a complete package, I personally subscribe to the idea that they do not need to be created linearly, as long as all the pieces are there and easy to understand. If your projects ever seemingly fall out of control and you get lost, a linear map sure is useful to get you back on track and headed in the right direction. There's value in having a process, even if its labored and linear.

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