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Wk 6/8 Prop Design Class: Designing wheeled vehicles

Designing cars. This is probably one of the most difficult things to do. This week I have taken a different approach and ditched the drawing process all together. For some, thinking in terms of value and shapes may actually come more naturally than thinking in terms of line and drawings. For those of you out there where this is true, here's an alternative way of working. Me personally, after all these years and all of my experience, I can confidently say my mind is more one of drawing and line. Whilst you can and should practice the ability to approach designs by laying down values and shapes, it's ok to admit that it may not be for you. I believe that it's just one side of a coin, both are important, and it's ok to discover that you will naturally favor one side of this coin. Work on your weaknesses, but don't forget to lean in on your strengths.


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