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Wk 3/8 Prop Design Class: Brush Creation and Style Pass

The week starts out with quick run down on Photoshop's brush creation features. This video is quite old, I was using PS Cs5 at the time. The process is largely the same with the current iteration of Photoshop. I promise it will happen to you too one day: you get fluent in a software package and the buttons/ features change on you one day... At the end of the day I don's see completely new software being reinvented. If it works, it works, and PS's brush systems works fine.

After brush creation, I take last week's sketch render and do a graphic pass for Spiderman's web-shooter. The design process is pretty flexible, it's not uncommon in the studios to have designs "put on model." Design consistency is very much a thing you have to worry about in the professional environment. That being said, I'm really changing up the style for this prop quite a bit, for demonstration purposes.

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